Why BidWrite

Being in the construction industry for over 29 years I have experienced firsthand the difficulty for small contractors to juggle the intense demands of customers, employees and vendors. As a husband and father of small children in the 90's I've missed more family functions that I care to remember because of the stress of keeping my business running smoothly and profitably.

As I grew older I became a team member of some great companies, I have also experienced the long hours trying to keep up with estimating, producing and collecting projects during catastrophes causes by Mother Nature. Many business owners struggled with the need for additional support but worry about the added expense growth can bring to a company. The added salary, tax burden, health insurance, company car and computer can cripple a company once business slows down. Owners simply find themselves laying people off and wearing too many hats that takes him or her away from the things they enjoy.

The Bidwrite Consulting concept was born from these experiences. I want to give business owners the option to outsource their estimating by offering quick accurate estimates for a reasonable price. Now for a fee Bidwrite Consulting will estimate a loss, present the client with an accurate estimate with photos and back-up to present to their customers. After the estimate is complete Bidwrite Consulting simple waits for the next opportunity. No salary to pay when business slows down meaning the expense of adding employees can no longer be a burden to business owners.

In these times of Government Medical Coverage and the strict requirements it demands Bidwrite Consulting makes sense. We make sense to the small business owner who needs to continually concentrate on cash flow by producing the work or the larger company that simply needs estimating support during a catastrophe. Bidwrite Consulting simply makes sense.

- Jerry Colosimo, Owner and Founder of BidWrite Consulting

Our Expertise

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Estate Solutions says

"BidWrite Consulting helped me complete an Xactimateestimate that was really bogging me down.  I called Jerry, sent him the info, and got the estimate quickly.  I'll definitely use them again."

Dexter Williams, Estate Solutions