Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Bidwrite Consulting?
A: Bidwrite Consulting is an exciting new concept that offers assistance to companies in need of estimating support.

Q: Who can Bidwrite Consulting help?
A: Any type of restoration or construction contractor that has a need for fast and accurate estimates. Insurance, public or private adjusters that find a need to hire a consultant to write a competitive estimate. Real estate brokers who buy and sell homes and have a need for accurate estimates.

Q:What is the process?
A: Bidwrite will represent your company at all times. We visit the job site, scope the damage, take plenty of pictures and write a professional estimate, using Xactimate, that you can provide to your client.

Q:What is Xactimate?
A: Xactimate is the most commonly used estimating program for the restoration industry. Contractors using Xactimate will receive their estimate through an ESX file allowing them to input Bidwrite's estimate into their personal Xactimate and add their heading, contact info and personal name as well as make changes.

Q: What if I do not have Xactimate?
A: If a contractor needs a finished estimate ready to submit to their client, Bidwrite can input the contractors heading and information and present a finished estimate. The estimate will be sent in a PDF file ready to print and submit.

Q: Are there kinds of companies Bidwrite can provide estimates for?
A: Bidwrite can write estimates for

  • restoration contractors
  • construction contractors
  • insurance adjusters
  • real estate brokers
  • interior decorators
  • painters,
  • roofers,
  • emergency service contractors,
  • framers
  • and just about any company in the construction industry.

Q: How does Bidwrite charge?
A: Bidwrite charges by the hour with a $ 200.00 minimum. If a project requires a large amount of hours Bidwrite Consulting will charge 1% percent of the final estimate price.

Tags Dependable Restoration says:

"I just wanted to say thank you for your help estimating some losses for me during the freeze claim CAT. I really don't know how i would have kept up without your help. Your estimates were dead on and i know my clients appreciated the fact that you went above and beyond the call of duty to get me those estimates.  Some of the emails you sent me were from 3:00 a.m. in the morning so I know you were up all night doing estimates, so I just wanted you to know that i appreciate your efforts.

I will continue to use BidWrite and it's nice to know you are there when needed."

John Tagliarini