Their reputation is not the best when it comes to an outsiders view of the fire chaser. Imagine your house is on fire and before you hear the sound of distant sirens you notice a few vehicles parked on your street. Soon you meet a rough looking gentleman trying to get your signature authorizing them to board up your house. Now you are not in the best frame of mind but their persistence is relentless along with promising you the sun and moon. If you're lucky you may even get to witness an argument, fight or a sound thrashing of their competitors with printed complaints or news articles.

I know some of these chasers and I have to be honest they are the best salesman I have ever seen. There are some companies who do not keep promises and perform sub par work but most of my experience with companies who hire chasers has been very good. They automatically become your biggest advocate and insist every promise is kept. Sometimes it's an upgrade or possibly a discount but they absolutely expect the contractor to keep every promise. The reason why the contractors comply is simple, they want the next fire and the cost is a drop in the bucket compared to the volume of work they can receive in a year.

The chaser is defiantly a different breed, they are driven, committed and fearless and will sit outside in a car for hours or even days to seal the deal. Any hour of the day, any day of the year they are there with a fire scanner close waiting for the next opportunity. Don't look down on these men because if you do your homework on the company they are representing you can get an excellent job with upgrades and someone who will fight for you because you trusted them.